About Us

About Encore Medical Spa & Family Medicine

Encore operates by appointment for client privacy, offering access to our 7000 square foot facility with tables, chairs, restrooms, full kitchen, and sound system. Members can utilize the entire venue to host a “Botox party” as a gift from the Bride, “Girls night out” or any special event.

Encore Medical Spa & Family Medicine offers a vast array aesthetic and wellness services. Procedures are performed by a Board Certified Physician with The American Academy of Procedural Medicine specialized in Aesthetics.

Encore offers Medical Grade topical product cleansers, prep solutions, serums, skin correctors, boosting pads, hydrators, sunscreens, eye-lash enhancement, lip enhancements and The Ultimate Eye Lift System.

Encore Medical Spa & Family Medicine can treat migraine headaches, hyper sweating of the hands, feet, or under arm region. Removal of adipose tissue in the neck region. All treatments, procedures, and methods are FDA approved and performed by a Board Certified Medical Doctor.

Encore provides treatment for all skin types including acne prone skin, problematic skin, sun damaged skin, hyper-pigmented skin, aging skin, and dry skin.

Our home treatment products come with consultation, instructions, and follow-up for the client.

Encore Medical Spa & Family Medicine offers skin peels and laser therapy for patient specific needs with designed protocol for pre & post-surgical procedures.

Encore Medical Spa & Family Medicine and staff members are certified and experienced to provide you with the most positive results based on your preferences.

About Dr. Monique M. Sherrill

Dr. Monique M. Sherrill is a Board Certified Pediatrician with Encore Medical Spa & Family Medicine. She has been enjoying providing quality medical in the DeKalb County area since 2014. Dr. Sherrill continues to bring energy with sparkling excitement to the Encore team. Her scope of practice includes hydration therapy, aesthetic services, and managing sick and well patients that present with allergy symptoms, cold, flu and viruses. She has vast experience service for ADD & ADHD patients from counseling to managing their medications.

Dr. Sherrill earned and completed her education with UC Davis in California, Hahnaman University Medical College in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and completed residency through University California San Francisco where she earned the title “Best Resident Teacher”. She is also board certified in Aesthetics.

Dr. Sherrill brings 24 years of successful experience practicing medicine after completing Medical School. She pioneered and directed a literacy program entitled “Reach out and Read”, which emphasized the need for parents and caregivers to read with youth and she fostered business relationships with companies that provided educational books for youth in rural areas of Ohio. Dr. Sherrlil has a vast array of community involvement through various community based organizations and has created active results some initiatives include- substance abuse and awareness council in Ohio, mentoring and training high school students, college students and medical students, active participation with community focus groups, Jack & Jill of America, organizing fundraisers for school PTO’s and teaching Sunday school.

Dr. Sherrill is also cofounder of the Sherrill foundation, an Ohio based organization which has provided quarterly activities since 2011 for youth ages 9-13. The focus of this group is to develop leadership and self-confidence and with focused results. She was voted best Pediatrician by Times-Journal Readers for 2018.

Dr. Sherrill has consistently contributed to the patient population and has experienced many former patients travel from Ohio to Alabama for medical care. Dr. Sherrill will maintain dedication to all patients within this region and beyond and she is “open” for new patients (from birth and beyond). She and her family (husband Jason, kids Austin & Patrick) are thrilled and actively engaged with Fort Payne Alabama area and its community.